Towards a Comprehensive Drug Prohibition: Extending Laws to Include Tobacco and Alcohol

The sale and use of hard drugs are prohibited in many countries, but tobacco and alcohol are sold and consumed. Governments should apply laws that prohibit the sale and use of hard drugs to all drugs, including tobacco and alcohol.
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Tobacco and alcohol are as harmful as hard drugs, if not more, according to me, which is why governments should prohibit their sale and use as well. The governments of the world have adopted a number of approaches to combat the use of hard drugs, but alcohol and tobacco have crept into society’s foundations.

The sale and consumption of hard drugs such as cocaine and heroin are illegal as they are associated with adverse health consequences. In spite of the fact that tobacco and alcohol are linked to multiple diseases such as cancer, lung disease/asthma, heart disease/coronary artery disease, etc., there are no laws prohibiting their use today.  

Smoking tobacco is harmful not only to the smoker but also to those around him or her. Passive smoking has become a growing health concern. Tobacco combustion also produces tar and carcinogens that are harmful to humans and animals.

In conclusion, hard and regular drugs should be subject to the same laws. As a result, these laws would be enforced fairly, and the black market for drugs would be reduced.

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