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Hi there! I’m a programmer by day, an aspiring blogger by night, and this is my website. I have a wonderful dog Coco, and I enjoy Long Island Ice Tea. (As well as being caught in the rain.)

My name is Rajni, and I’m the creator and instructor of this website. Please be aware that I am not associated with or authorized by CELPIP in any way. This is my personal website, which is based on my CELPIP test preparation and experience. All material on this site is just for helping students prepare for the CELPIP test. ALL The Answers to the Questions on this site are sent by Students and some data is taken from the internet. 

We provide you with all CELPIP materials, including the reading, listening, writing, and speaking modules. This website can assist all candidates, whether they are taking the General or General LS exam.
Moreover, we maintain the articles up to date, which aids the student in being better prepared for his paper. We also offer free mock tests to help you assess your performance. The learner can use these mock tests to check their band level. Last but not least, we give you CELPIP tips and techniques that will help you achieve the required band score in your CELPIP result.